Character Development: Harry the Monster

Harry moved into a new neighbourhood. Being new in town, he decided to throw a housewarming party so he can start to get to know his new neighbours. Although enjoying being acquainted with humans during his college years and worked along side humans as a doctor, Harry did not develop human behavior but instead his monstrous nature of being rough, telling inappropriate jokes, and being overwhelmed with his strength often got the best of him.

The original concept that we decided for Harry is to keep him as humanoid as possible. It is never our intention to have him with huge wings or tentacles or even spider legs because our aim is to relate him with the humans so that in context of our story; the audience can easier to relate Harry with themselves or their own neighbour. Harry’s early body sketches started with him being very big and gigantic; so much like Fantastic 4’s The Thing, The Incredible Hulk & Monster Inc.’s Sullivan. After weeks (or months) drawing Harry, we finally came out with the most interesting body proportion for him. His long arms & leg gives Harry that extra ordinary features which can differentiate him from the rest of the design; not just being big and scary but also to look interesting and different in terms of design.

Harry’s character design development.

Sketches for Demon Harry.