Character Development: John the Human

John is a resident of Properville. His house was longed to have a next door neighbour which really influenced his way of living in his house. John usually spent his days of boredom reading books, newspapers, listening to radio; basically not what a man with social life would do. This reflect pretty much his social lifestyle; as for this short story concerned: which he has none . We portrayed John to be very judgmental and quick to draw to a conclusion of any events that occurred of his surrounding; typically what a person who “watched” a looping information which more or less being implanted to his head would do. The idea of John was never really that deep in terms of design and characteristic; he is a lonely young man who happens to be living next door to a monster. This was changed eventually after being noticed that he is being too generic.

Early sketches of John shows how young we wanted him to be but as the progress moves on, few details and logical explanation comes in and he was transform to be more older thus explaining his typical mindset. John’s attire was also changed numerous of times. All effected due to the changes of setting of the story (location, season, etc). Designs and colour of John were also altered to mix and match John’s & Harry’s interior colour due to development of color board.

John’s character design development.