Research & Development

With our final character designs and animatics (almost) done, we conducted a market test to ensure our story is entertaining and also easy to understand by our target audience. We also did this test to those who are involved in the animation industry (including students of this majoring in their degree or diploma)  to get their opinion on the artistic value of the project.

Although dynamic fur/hair is interesting to behold, our team never intended to create a project with such realism. It’s not that we do not appreciate the technology/realism value, but we we prefer a more economical approach and something much more suitable for the hair and fur for our characters. This video shows how we tested out the plated hair with a deformed object that it is being attached to.

This video shows our eye lens test. It’s a straight forward test done solely by Haizeel Hashnan and this video is used to explain to our rig artist Behrooz Zandi Tavasol of how he would prefer the eyes are done.