Haireey Hashnan
Title : Dark humour in animation
Relation with animation project: An opportunity was taken during the research in this thesis to understand how to visually convey both humorous mood & dark elements (violent, world issue, etc). This research is especially important for the image sequence (John’s imagination which is then animated in 2D). Studies in dark humor also reflects on the story concept and ideas of Monster Next Door which comments on today’s world issues such as stereotyping, false terrorism, and misunderstanding between neighbours.

Husna Ahmad Faizal
Title:  A comparison study between stylized and realistic character animation
Relation with animation project: Since our project Monster Next Door has 2 main characters; a human and a monster, this gives us a chance to play around with the  animation. Seeing that Harry the monster has really long limbs, he is animated more towards to the stylized motion of animation and while John maintains normal human proportion, we try to make him have that “fun feeling” in making him have exaggerated movements.

Haizeel Hashnan
Title: A study of visual style for 3d animation, specifically ‘painting’ onto 3D visual.
Relation with animation project: The main objective of the thesis is to look up on the available alternative for visual stylization which focuses more on to giving a 2D-paint like effect onto 3D surfaces while studying the paint style that was invented/developed by famous artists (Romantic, Pauvism, Cubis, Expressionism, etc). From the conducted research, we discovered various tools that are already available that is relevant to the visual style that we are aiming for. Some of them include Deep Canvas, Overcoat and even the new Adobe Photoshop 3D Paint Tools. From the gathered information, we finally choose the best tools that fit our pipeline best.

Behrooz Zandi Tavasol
Title: The role of music on disney classic animations
Relation with animation project: The sound design for Monster Next Door is original. It was best for us to do a research on this area and so a thorough research was done on some of the best musical scores of Disney animations seeing that it is the leading animation industry in the world. With this research, it helped us find out on how effective the musical composition on the animation would be, how to find a connection between music and animated movements and also, what are the methods in which music is composed for different scenes. This research has basically helped us build and compose our original score for this project.