Voice Talents

Voice acting play an important role in Monster Next Door as the story only make sense if we add dialogues in it. We decided that this project should respect every elements of story telling and especially stress on the important of voice acting. We started to post auditions in voice acting community such as Voice Acting Alliance and Voice Acting Club to find our casting crews. The audition opened for eight (8) days (audition were posted and we received from (roughly) 40 actors/actresses; 35 auditions were to auditioned for the role of Harry The Monster; 32 auditions were auditioned for the role of John The Neighbour; and 24 auditions were auditioned for the role of News Broadcaster. This is the earliest boost for our team and we were really thankful for those who participated in our audition!

It took use about two (2) weeks only to listen to all auditions, few more days to draft possible candidates and few more days for second draft and the result were sent out to all actor/actresses; but due to changes for John’s characteristic (early stage he was a young adult but then was changed to middle aged guy), second stage audition were taken based on our second draft. Roughly, it took us more than a month to completely decide on our cast.

Below are the cast for Monster Next Door!


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