Our project is rather different compared to a typical animation pipeline as the project contained a series of dream sequences or 2D animations in it. The project also does not have any “real” 3D environment (3D diffuse render, added with paint-over job with Photoshop); therefore this effects more in our workflow pipeline. With only four group members, our group members often overlap their workload with different elements in the project.

Animatics was done to communicate amongs ourself and also to test out the story’s timing and pace. A series of adjustment and tweaking was done throughout the early stage of the production and the video below are the final version of our animatics.

As the pre-production is coming to an end, the designed characters are modelled and textured.

These two visual tests were conducted to test out the style that we are approaching. This test was also used to convince to our lecturers that the style is executable: both painted background and 3D rendered characters are possible to blend together to come out with our own original style. Since colour is the main focal point of our visual, we took the opportunity in this test to show how the characters being visually formed by both shades (blue/cold colour) and illuminated by lights (red/warm colour).